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application Developers for Windows Phone 8.x will no longer be able to update them

It is unlikely that many users of smartphones running the good old Windows Phone 8.x. But it still should be aware that Microsoft will no longer deliver updates of applications on these devices. The developers of such software can continue to create and release updates, but they will work only on smartphones with Windows 10 Mobile.

Разработчики приложений для Windows Phone 8.x больше не смогут их обновлять

A standard PC based on Windows 8 and 8.x continue to be supported — Microsoft promises to provide users with application updates at least another four years. Developers are unlikely to this news by surprise, as Microsoft announced plans for a gradual winding down of support for their platforms last fall:

“1 July 2019 Microsoft will stop distribution of application updates for devices based on Windows Phone 8.x or earlier versions of the OS. You will still be able to publish the updates for all apps (including those that use Microsoft Windows Phone 8.x or earlier). However, these updates will be available on devices with Windows 10″.

Of course, users of Windows 10 Mobile is also now a hard time. Many of the key developers have left the platform and the process continues. WhatsApp, for example, said that soon will completely leave the Microsoft Store. Facebook and Messenger are no longer available, and other applications are closed. Of course, for the vast majority of people it hardly matters, but few owners of Windows smartphones, it’s worth considering.

By the way, recently during a speech at the event Village venture Fund Global Microsoft co-founder bill gates (Bill gates) has pleaded guilty in the failure of the Redmond Corporation in the mobile market.