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Microsoft forces users to use a company account, but you can work around

Microsoft is slowly but surely trying to wean users from local accounts in Windows 10. In particular, this applies to the latest builds of the operating system from Redmond. The point is that in the fall update introduces changes to the procedure Out-of-the-Box Experience (OOBE). They are hiding the possibility of including a local account when the PC during the installation of Windows 10 are connected to the Internet.

Microsoft вынуждает пользователей применять учётные записи компании, но это можно обойти


The system though, and asks to make the connection, but does not warn that in this case will be available only to the possibility of registering your Microsoft account. By the way, in the may update, the company slightly let go of the reins, although not all. Users report that about 6% of newly installed systems was offered the opportunity to include local uchetku even in the presence of a network connection. The reason is unclear.

Note that the difference between a local account and is similar to Microsoft’s significant. The first allows you to minimize, although relatively, the transmission of data to the company. It also allows you to use different passwords for different PC, not to clutter up the system with apps from the Windows Store and other services. The Microsoft account, according to the company, its advantages. This single authorization, and access to universal apps and subscriptions like Xbox Live. However resent the fact that the company simply decides for users what is best for them.

During OS installation strongly encouraged to connect to the network. If you have a wired connection, then everything will happen automatically. Otherwise, the system will require a Wi-Fi connection and log in with your Microsoft account. And selecting the local account will not be simple.

Microsoft вынуждает пользователей применять учётные записи компании, но это можно обойти


Not working even older can enter the “left” of the email address. In fact, from the official remains only the option to login with Microsoft account, then you can register a local uchetku. But there are a couple of unofficial. They work, in particular, for the version of 1809, which still uses about 30 % of the audience of “tens”.

Microsoft вынуждает пользователей применять учётные записи компании, но это можно обойти


First — skip the Wi-Fi connection. You need to ignore the helpful suggestion “go back and think,” click, “No” and get the same access to the page where you can register a local account.

If you missed this step and got stuck on the page “Login with Microsoft account” — just unplug the network cable, disable Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi. The system will logically try to connect to the Internet, cannot and will be forced to throw you to the local account. You may need to click the “Back” button several times.

Microsoft вынуждает пользователей применять учётные записи компании, но это можно обойти


In the Assembly of 1903 an opportunity to “Miss” was replaced by “I Have no Internet access”. When you select this option, the system will still proceed to configuring a local account. And on the screen of the Microsoft account in the lower left corner is the desired option “local account”. As required.

Microsoft unexpectedly showed new “start menu” in Windows 10

Microsoft released a test version of Windows 10 for internal use number 18947. However, she mistakenly went to the participants of the program Windows Insider, and regardless of whether they are on the channel Fast or Slow Ring. In this version, as it turned out, there is a new design from the “start menu”, which will lose brand tiles.

Microsoft неожиданно показала новое меню «Пуск» в Windows 10


“Leaked” the Assembly is only 32-bit version. Start it contains a proposed application, search, and access the list of installed programs. You can also note the bias towards monochrome icons. From the list, it seems, decided to give up. However, according to insiders, the Assembly has not even passed internal testing Microsoft.

In addition, appearance changes, no special differences. Except that there the ability to search animated GIF images on the inside panel of emojis. Otherwise, this is the Windows 10 Pro, except that not the release version. It is assumed that this Assembly can be “blank” for future Windows Lite, however, this is only version.

Microsoft неожиданно показала новое меню «Пуск» в Windows 10


The company has said that deal with the causes of leakage and working to resolve them. It should be noted that in 2017, the company made the emergence of internal builds of Windows 10 for PCs and smartphones in the public domain. As a result, some devices were observed uncontrolled restart. Then the developers have released a tool to restore the bootloader, which solved the problem.

In WSL 2 for Windows 10 (18945) to localhost, and support for third-party cores

On 26 July, Microsoft released a new build of Windows 10 to Insiders Preview programme number 18945. And there is the possibility of access to local network services from the Windows subsystem for Linux second version (WSL 2). As is known, this subsystem is a complete Linux kernel with the appropriate “rail”. And now she will have access to localhost, which will allow to expand the possibilities. Before you begin, you need only to specify the local IP address.

В WSL 2 для Windows 10 (18945) появился доступ к localhost и поддержка сторонних ядер

In addition, the Assembly allows you to use global configuration settings for WSL 2 and the third-party core system instead of installed by default in Windows 10. Thus, integration of Linux in the “top ten” improving. It is possible that in the future will add new possibilities for this.

We should note that earlier we reported the Assembly number 18945 in which showed a new design for the start menu and the control Center. However, given that it was build for internal testing in Redmond, it promptly withdrew from the update channels for insiders. After all, there she was hit by mistake.

Many users have criticised the design and said that the software giant had simply copied the design of the graphical environment KDE. Anyway, it is not clear whether there will be such implementation in fall or update in spring next year. Alternatively, this can be a design for a hypothetical Windows Lite, which goes so many rumors.

In Windows 10 appeared cloud backup

Windows 10 includes some tools for Troubleshooting, allowing you to either save the file or do a clean reinstallation of the system. But it seems that in Redmond are experimenting with other formats recovery. It is not always at hand is a bootable USB drive or DVD, or access to another computer.

В Windows 10 появился «облачный» бэкап


In a fresh build of Windows 10 number 18950 discovered the item on the “cloud” backup. In fact, it is the analogue of the function in macOS. There’s a button combination Option-Command-R or Shift-Option-Command-R at startup initiates the connection to the Internet and downloading the latest version of the OS.

It is reported that a function can only appear in the spring of next year, since it is included in the “insider” Assembly series 20H1. In addition to cloud backup, there is a powerful, advanced tool Snip & Sketch, bug fixes and so on.

Overall, it seems that Windows 10 is definitely better. The German AV-TEST reported that the test results “Microsoft Defender” was the antivirus, the performance of which is based on products like Kaspersky and Symantec. He received the highest possible rating of 18 points, that is, it is convenient, quick and provides the right level of protection.

Also the maximum tilt F-Secure SAFE, f-secure Internet Security and Symantec Norton Security. Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Internet Security, Bitdefender Internet Security, Trend Micro Internet Security, VIPRE Security Security Advanced scored 0.5 points less. Have ZoneAlarm turned out to only 11.5 points.

In Windows 10 “broke” the regular antivirus. Although not completely

After the update is deployed KB4515384 seemed more to “break” Windows 10 anymore. But it turned out that you can. Users found a bug this time with the security updates of the operating system. Reportedly, the new patch breaks when scanning in manual mode.

В Windows 10 «сломали» штатный антивирус. Хотя и не полностью


The update has affected the quick and full scan, if they run independently and not on a schedule. If you activate any of these modes manually, the process will fail with an error after scanning a few files. Users report on the inspection of 4 to 50 files. The bug is reproduced on virtual machines where are installed the system clean and working versions of the OS.

This applies to Defender version 4.18.1908.7, update for antivirus was released on September 16. While the update is still available for download. The company said that they already know about the problem and are working to resolve the problem. It is noted that he suffered only a manual check, while auto scan not affected by the problem.

We will remind that earlier update KB4515384 incapacitated for a number of functions, “tens”, including some of the core capabilities of the system. Some of them, the company recognized other reported by users, including from Russia. At the moment it is not clear why it has fallen sharply, the quality control of patches for the system.

Became known, when will Windows 10 (1909)

The Windows 10 build number 1909, which is essentially a service pack and not a full update, might be out this week. Reportedly, the Assembly has already been received by the insiders.

Стало известно, когда выйдет Windows 10 (1909)


The fact of the imminent release specifies a list of electronic keys to the private forums. We are talking about that Windows key 10 1909 version with build number 18363.356 at the moment available on the update server WSUS that is talking about a stable release version of the RTM (Release To Manufacturers). The key number is 18363.356.190918-2052.19h2.

In addition, on 2 October, in this environment, it is expected a major presentation of Microsoft. It shows laptops and tablets Surface 7, Surface Pro 7, Laptop Surface Pro 3 and the transformer Surface Centaurus with two screens. There may be Windows 10 (1909). Distribution of updates is expected on 3 October.

In the update, not much of a change. In fact, the Assembly 19H2 will receive support alternative voice assistants, the ability to create events right on the task bar, improved notification settings, and increase productivity by optimizing work “fast cores” processor with Intel Turbo Boost technology second and third versions. However, this only applies to the i5, i7, i9 and X-series chips. And promise to simplify the process of updates.

In addition, there are some improvements for enterprise users and more opportunities for third-party applications. More changes should be expected until the spring of 2020, when there will be Assembly 20H1.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 (1909) will be set the same as a normal patch.

Windows 10 taught to respond to alerts and Android to work with the dual SIM smartphone

Microsoft continues to develop the application from Your Phone, which appeared in the release of Windows 10 this spring. It allows you to work with your smartphone directly from the screen of the PC. And here’s the program got new features, but so far they are only available to participants in the testing program of Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 научили отвечать на оповещения Android и работать с двухсимочными смартфонами


As reported by Aarti Khatter (Aarthi Hatter), senior Manager AT Microsoft, a new feature allows you to respond to the notifications with Android via Your Phone. Previously was only able to see the sent text and the reply had been from your smartphone.

In addition, according to the Vishnu Nath (Vishnu Nath), the head of mobile Microsoft devices in Your Phone added support for smartphones with two SIM-cards. Now when you send messages, you can choose which cards to do it. This feature is also available only to “insiders”.

Earlier in Your Phone, you can now display the Wallpaper, and battery level of the smartphone, as well as receiving and making calls via Windows 10.

Overall, the application is constantly improving, but as expected, the release version will be available next spring. Probably by that time more will be added quite a few features that will make Your Phone cords analog iOS + macOS from Apple.

I must say that the approach of the company from Redmond is quite correct, because many have to work at the computer and at the same time to make phone calls. It seems quite logical that the ability to integrate it into the overall system.

the Windows 10 version of 1909 will be able to distinguish between good and bad cores in the processor

As previously reported, the next major update of Windows 10, known as 19H2 or 1909, will be distributed to users as soon as next week. It is generally believed that this update will not bring major changes to the operating system and become something of a regular service pack. However, for enthusiasts it may be much more important and fundamental, as the expected improvement in the algorithms of work of the scheduler of the OS will be able to raise single-threaded performance of some modern processors by up to 15 %.

We are talking about the fact that the scheduler is Windows 10 going to learn to recognize so-called “favored core” — best processor core having the highest frequency potential. It is no secret that in today’s multi-core processors cores obtained heterogeneous in their frequency characteristics: some of them overclock better, some worse. For a long time already manufacturers processors in a special way mark the best kernel that can operate stably at a higher clock frequency in comparison with the other cores of the same processor. And if they load the work in the first place, it is possible to achieve better performance. In this example, based the Intel Turbo Boost technology 3.0, which is implemented now with a special driver.

Windows 10 версии 1909 сможет различать удачные и неудачные ядра в процессоре

But now to recognize the differences in the quality of processor cores can scheduler of the operating system that will allow him without help to distribute the load so that kernel with a better frequency potential had been involved in work in the first place. The official blog of the Windows on this occasion said: “the CPU can have a few select cores (logical processors of the highest of the available classes of planning). To ensure the best performance and reliability, we have implemented a rotation policy, which more equitably distributes the work between the privileged cores“.

As a result, when low-flow load, the processor can operate at higher clock frequencies, providing an additional performance advantage. According to estimates of Intel, the correct choice of kernel in the case of single-threaded scenarios can provide a performance boost of up to 15 %.

Currently the Turbo Boost technology 3.0 and the CPU allocation within a particular “good” cores implemented in Intel chips for the HEDT segment. However, with the advent of Core processors, the tenth generation of this technology should come to the mass market, so adding her support for the standard tools of the operating system seems a logical step for Microsoft.

It is worth noting that the ranking of the kernels scheduler can have a beneficial impact on the performance of processors Ryzen third generation. AMD, like Intel, marks them a good kernel, is able to reach a higher frequency. Probably, with the advent of updates 19H2 operating system will have the opportunity to load in the first place and, thus achieving the best performance, as in the case of Intel processors.

Windows 10 версии 1909 сможет различать удачные и неудачные ядра в процессоре

About optimization, scheduler for processors AMD Ryzen spoke about the previous update of Windows 10 version 1903. But then it was about the difference of kernels belonging to different CCX-modules. Therefore, the performance improvements with the release of 1909 can expect and the owners of the processors on AMD processors.

the Market share of Windows 7 in September continued to decline, and macOS has shown a steady growth

The Netmarketshare continues to monitor the change of the global prevalence of popular operating systems and browsers. Published data show that in September this year, the software platform is Windows 10 continued to strengthen its position. Global share of Windows 10 in the reporting period is 52,38 %, while a month earlier it amounted to only 50,99 %.

Рыночная доля Windows 7 в сентябре продолжила снижаться, а macOS показала устойчивый рост

Windows 7 even if takes a little position, but continues to hold second place with a score 28,17 %. If a further decline in the share of presence of Windows 7 will continue at such a pace, it will take less than a year before it crossed the mark of 10 %. Third place is macOS 10.14 with a market share of 7.15 %, while last month this figure was equal to 5,95 %. We can assume that in the near future, Windows 10 will continue to be the sole market leader in operating systems and macOS will be able to climb to the second tier. Behind the software platform of Apple is Windows 8.1 with a score of 3.48 %, and closes the top five of Windows XP, which is still set at 1.12 % of devices.

Рыночная доля Windows 7 в сентябре продолжила снижаться, а macOS показала устойчивый рост

With regard to the prevalence of browsers, there is no significant changes in the last month did not happen. The undisputed leader with a share 68,47 % continues to be Google Chrome. Far behind in second place is Mozilla Firefox, whose share is equal to 8.72 per cent. Almost equal figures, Internet Explorer (6,14 %) and Edge (5,87 %).

The failure of Microsoft in the browser market kompensiruet dominance in the segment of operating systems. We will remind, not so long ago the company announced that the number of Windows 10 devices reached 900 million units.

In Windows 10, fixed the printers, but again broke start

Microsoft recently released a cumulative update for all versions of the Windows operating system 10. It was fixed the printing problem on HP printers. However, as usual, the Corporation from Redmond something broke — and this is again from the “start menu”.

В Windows 10 починили принтеры, но снова сломали «Пуск»


On the Microsoft forums and Reddit reported that pressing the menu button does not start, giving a message about a fatal error. And some can’t install the update. At the moment it is unclear how widely spread the problem, however the only option is delete update.

To do this, open Settings > Update and security > Windows update > View update history. After clicking on “Uninstall updates” you need in control panel to select patch KB4524147, then you need to restart the computer.

This applies to Windows 10 (1903), which has already suffered from a number of updates. In particular, it first appeared with orange colour in the screenshots and an increased “appetite” for resources of the CPU. Then broke at the same time network, sound, USB, built-in search, Microsoft Edge and “start menu”. Then down came the regular antivirus. And then there is a problem with sound transmission via Bluetooth.

The question arises — is Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) companions do not see the problem in that? However, it seems that there is. This is indicated by a fresh statement of the head of the Corporation during the event in new York. Mr. Nadella directly said there that the operating system is no longer crucial to the company.

Microsoft focused on apps such as Office or Microsoft Team worked perfectly on all platforms. This means that you can improve and work on Windows is not so important for the company, but to develop Android and Chromium so that its applications worked better — the obvious course, “said the CEO of the Corporation. The implications of this is easy to do, but they are unhappy.