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Utility MediaCreationTool1903.exe not update to Windows 10 May 2019

As you know, Microsoft is planning to release an update to Windows 10 in late may of this year. At the moment this build is tested by the participants of the “Late access” and Release Preview and will soon appear on the channel release. It is noted that the novelty will be downloaded via “Windows update”.

Утилита MediaCreationTool1903.exe не обновляет до Windows 10 May 2019


The developers have released software update Media Creation Tool, which, judging by the title, should download the new system. However, utility MediaCreationTool1903.exe downloads and creates an image of Windows 10 Build 17763.379 (revision 1809), the latest cumulative update.

Some media have rushed to write about the availability of the new version of the “dozens”, but it is not. Insider Wzor confirmed this in Twitter is the testing still going on behind closed doors.

Утилита MediaCreationTool1903.exe не обновляет до Windows 10 May 2019

Note that additional month the company took to avoid a repeat of the fiasco last year when the update came out in 1809. Extra time was taken to improve the quality of the new release.

While the company has not officially released the ISO images of the updates for may 2019, and it is not available in Windows update. Therefore it only remains to wait for the go-ahead from Redmond when the update will start. It is important to note that the may update will focus not so much on new features (although they will), but for stability and no errors.

Of the expected features note updated Game Bar, which will have social features, and support for Spotify and so on. It is also expected the ability to disable the flash without forcing safe shutdown, and several other possibilities.

Windows 10 “get fat” at least up to 32 GB

Microsoft at the time, announced that it will use about 7 GB of space on the user’s hard drive to store the update files. The advantage of this approach is that it ensures that the place does not end in the middle of an update. The disadvantage is simple — for cheap laptops and tablets place are simply not enough.

Windows 10 «растолстеет» минимум до 32 Гбайт


If earlier the minimum requirement for vault in Windows 10 was 16 GB for the 32-bit installation, then an additional 7 GB almost completely occupied the entire drive. But now the situation will change even more.

The company changed the hardware requirements. According to them, now the minimum amount of space for the OS is 32 GB for the 32 and 64-bit versions. Thus, it will be enough to install updates on low-end devices. It also encourages the developers to iron to increase internal memory on low-end devices.

Windows 10 «растолстеет» минимум до 32 Гбайт


We will remind that earlier the company Microsoft has updated the requirements page to the processors before Windows 10 May 2019 Update. It is noted that in the list there is no AMD Ryzen 3000 and Snapdragon 8cx, although all the other models like x86-64 and ARM, are present. It is possible that this just a typo or incomplete data, which then will adjust.

Also recall that a pre-release version of Windows 10 May 2019 Update causes an update if the PC where it is installed, there are external hard drives or SD memory cards. As it turned out, the reason is the wrong disk reassign.

Windows 10 will get an embedded Linux kernel from Microsoft

Over the years, Microsoft made several of its own projects on Linux. There was Linux-based OS for network switches in data centers and OS based on the Linux for microcontrollers designed for embedded security, Azure Sphere. And now it became known about another project on Linux, which for some time worked specialists Microsoft.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

The first day of the Build developer conference 2019 software giant announced the creation of its own version of the Linux kernel, which will be part of Windows 10. The first test build for the participants of the Insider program will be launched at the end of June. This core will provide a basis for the architecture of Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2. As noted by the representatives of Microsoft in his blog, this is the first case where the full Linux kernel will be built-in component of Windows.

Recall: WSL 1 was a compatibility layer, essentially an emulator to run Linux binaries (ELF) in the environment of operating system Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. This, for example, has allowed in recent years to migrate to Windows Bash shell, add support for OpenSSH in Windows 10, and include Ubuntu, SUSE Linux and Fedora in the app store Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

When the full core open OS in WSL 2 will improve the work, significantly improve the performance of Linux applications under Windows, to speed up the boot time, optimize memory usage, speed up I / o file system and launch Docker containers directly and not through a virtual machine.

The real performance gain will depend on what kind of app is it and how it interacts with the file system. An internal Microsoft’s tests show that WSL 2 works 20 times faster compared to the WSL 1, when unpacking the tarball archives and about 2-5 times faster if you use git clone, npm install and cmake in different projects.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

The core of Microsoft Linux will initially be based on the latest long term stable version is 4.19, which is applied by the company and the technologies involved cloud services Azure. According to official representatives of Microsoft, the core will be completely open: that is, all changes made to Microsoft will be provided to the community of Linux developers. The company also promises that with the release of the next long term stable kernel version will be updated and the version of the WSL 2, so that developers always have access to the latest innovations Linux.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

WSL 2 still will not include any binary files in user space, as in the case with the current version of WSL 1. Users will still be able to choose what Linux distribution is more suitable to them, loading it via both the Microsoft Store and from other sources.

At the same time, Microsoft introduced a powerful new command-line application for Windows 10 is called Windows Terminal. It includes tabs, shortcuts, text emoticons, supports themes, extensions, and text rendering based on GPU. The application is designed to access these environments like PowerShell, Cmd, and WSL. This is another step by Microsoft, designed to simplify the interaction of developers with Windows 10. Preview Windows Terminal already available in a repository on GitHub, and the emergence of the Microsoft Store promised in mid-June.

Windows 10 is now easier to install on the smartphone, but not on any

After the release of Windows 10 for ARM processors enthusiasts started experimenting with running the OS on different mobile devices. Some launched it on Nintendo Switch, the other smartphones under Windows Mobile and Android. And now there’s a way to easily install the “dozens” on the Lumia 950 XL.

Windows 10 теперь легче установить на смартфон, но не на любой


A group of enthusiasts LumiaWOA released build of the OS and a set of tools that allow you to replace Windows Mobile on Windows 10 in about 5 minutes. In future we expect the appearance of similar assemblies, and for other Lumia smartphones. It is important to note that in the process of the mobile OS will be deleted, so use the smartphone as a phone does not work. Also, it is possible to lose data, damage the bootloader and so on. So you should proceed with caution.

For flashing you need:

  • Utility WPInternals;
  • Tool Windows Phone Recovery Tool;
  • The firmware file

Manual with step by step actions are also available. Of course, this is unofficial method, but for enthusiasts, it seems, it will approach and will be not difficult to change original firmware on the fan Assembly.

Windows 10 теперь легче установить на смартфон, но не на любой


It should be noted that Windows 10 for ARM processors while there is little native programs that work without emulation of the x86 architecture. Because most of the software will inevitably slow down and quickly put the battery of the smartphone. On the other hand, a small device with a full OS might be useful in some cases when it is inconvenient to use something larger and/or expensive.

Again, all of the users who will decide on this “operation” is done at your own risk.

Update Windows 10, 1903 — dozen key innovations

The last update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update (it’s 1903 or 19H1) is already available for installation on your PC. After a long testing period, Microsoft began deploying builds via Windows update. The last update caused big problems, so this time of major innovations not so much. However, there are new features, minor changes and lots of fixes. Touch dozen the most interesting for users.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

New light theme

The biggest visual change in Windows 10, 1903 — new light theme, which will be the standard for ordinary consumer systems. If previously, even in the light theme on the menu was dark, but now it has become more uniform (however, the usual mode with bright Windows and dark panelling system remains). Dark mode Windows 10 is still not in the OS always looks good because of the abundance of third party apps don’t support it. Light same looks, as a rule, more coherent and natural. Microsoft has also changed the standard Wallpaper in Windows 10 so that they are better combined with a new light theme. Also sometimes the added items are Fluent Design: transparent panel, start menu, notification center, shadows and the like.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Built-in virtual machine Windows 10

In the may update of Windows 10 received a new feature in Windows Sandbox. Company with its help wants to free users from the fear of starting the unknown .exe on the computer. She has developed a simple way for all users of Windows 10, which allows you to run applications in an isolated environment. Windows Sandbox essentially acts as a temporary virtual machine isolation of a specific program.

The method was developed with a focus on safety, so that after closing the application under test, all the data in the sandbox will be deleted. You do not need to configure a separate virtual machine, as do most experienced users but PC must support virtualization in the BIOS. Microsoft is making the Sandbox part of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Enterprise — like features do more for business and advanced users, not everyone. In addition to her standard in the system no need to install the control panel in the selection of operating system components.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

You can remove even more built-in apps

Gradually Microsoft gives users Windows 10 the ability to remove more and more shareware apps that are part of the operating system. In 1903 the update, you can now disable apps like Groove Music, Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV, Calculator, Paint, 3D and 3D Viewer. Still not the usual way to remove apps like Camera or Edge, but with the transition of Microsoft’s browser on the Chromium technology, it is likely to be able to remove and Edge.

Cortanaand the Search is now divided

Not all are fans of the digital assistant Cortana in Windows 10 and the latest update from Microsoft will be pleased with such. Microsoft divides the search function and Cortana in the taskbar of Windows 10, which allows you to handle voice requests separately from the input in the search box to find documents and files. Windows 10 will now use built-in OS search for text requests, and Cortana for voice.

By the way, the new search interface displays popular apps, latest actions and files, as well as options to filter for applications, documents, email and web results. In General, the search has not changed, but now it is possible to implement all the files on your PC. This is the direction the company will probably further improve in future updates, providing users with more powerful search tools.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Less congested start menu

In the latest update for Windows 10 the start menu has become less loaded. Microsoft has reduced the number fixed by the standard of applications and has changed the principle of their grouping. The result of all the garbage that is usually attached by default grouped into one section, which can be quickly undocked. This new menu will only see the new Windows 10 users — the rest of the changes will not notice.

New brightness slider

Among the small changes that we should mention, of course, there are new brightness slider. It is available in the notification center and allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness. The tool replaces the tiles, which let you switch between preset brightness levels. You can now quickly and easily expose, for example, 33% brightness.

Kaomoji _

Microsoft has simplified the sending Japanese text emoticons kaomoji _(ツ)_/ with Windows PC 10 friends or colleagues. The company added in the may update of the test characters kaomoji available through the call of the panel of emoticons (“win” + “.” or “win” + “;”). The user can choose several ready-kaomoji or build your own using the appropriate symbols available there. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Desktop application in Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has improved the platform support mixed reality Mixed Reality VR Windows in the renovation of the 1903. If the earlier headset was limited to a run of games Steam VR and Windows store apps, now you can run desktop apps (Win32), including Spotify, Visual Studio Code and even Photoshop right within a mixed reality. Function is available on the contacts bar, where now there is a folder Classic Apps (beta) which allows you to select an installed desktop software. This is perfect for those who wanted not only to play but to work in virtual reality.

Windows update allows you to postpone the installation for a week

Microsoft finally listened to users of Windows 10, and gave more control over installing updates. Now all the users of the system can delay updates for a week, and Microsoft even allowed to choose when to install the latest major version. Windows 10 users will be able to stay on the existing version and continue to receive monthly security updates, avoiding the last of the functional assemblies. This is an important change, especially for users of Windows 10 Home and that major updates are not always stable enough. Microsoft has also changed the principle of distribution space under Windows updates. Some patches could not be installed when there is insufficient free space, so Microsoft now reserves about 7 GB of disk space for the update Center.

Windows 10 supports sign-in to your Microsoft account without password

With the trend to move away from traditional passwords Microsoft offers the use of password-less accounts. With the latest update of 1903, you can configure and log into the OS on Windows 10 PC using only phone number to your Microsoft account. You can create an account without a password by simply entering the phone number as username and mobile number will be sent the code to initialize the login. After logging in Windows 10 you can use Windows Hello or PIN to login to your PC without using the normal password.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

test build of Windows 10 refused passwords

Microsoft wants users to abandon passwords on PCs running Windows 10. Previously, the Corporation refused a forced password change for corporate PCs, and now have released a test-build of “ten”, which you can enable passwordless login to Microsoft accounts.

В тестовой сборке Windows 10 отказались от паролей


As a replacement technology offers facial recognition Windows Hello, scan a fingerprint or PIN. Of course, in all cases except the last, will require additional hardware devices, such as camera or fingerprint scanner.

The reason for this approach is actually quite logical. Users are too lazy to remember different passwords, because use the same on different services, PC and so on. But this is a serious effort on security systems. And even two-factor authentication methods don’t always help.

In Microsoft claim that the PIN-code system Windows Hello much safer than a password, even if it seems that it is not. The point is that the code is stored on the device and not transmitted online, which drastically reduces the possibility of data interception.

Among other methods the company offers two-factor authentication, like SMS, Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello or even physical security keys standard FIDO2. That is, in the future passwords can really disappear as a class of phenomena.

Currently, Microsoft plans to allow users to completely remove the password option from the login screen in Windows 10. This applies also to business users via Azure Active Directory, enabling companies to do without a password using only the keys of the security applications for authentication or Windows Hello. This feature is expected to appear next spring, when will the release build.

the Study shows that the world isn’t ready to say goodbye to Windows 7

Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 in January 2020, but since running this operating system still running about 35% of computers in the world, there is a strong likelihood that a significant number of devices will be left without security patches, when you approach a deadline. A study conducted Kollective shows that although 96 % of enterprises have already started migrating to Windows 10, many are unlikely to complete this process until January 2020.

Исследование показывает, что мир ещё не готов проститься с Windows 7

This is due to several factors slowing down the transition process, including the typical compatibility issues faced by enterprises. Earlier this year Microsoft said that 99 % of software working with Windows 7, fully supports Windows 10 and Microsoft offers assistance to the developers of the rest of the 1%.

By the way, according to the study, 79 % of organisations do not install updates immediately after release, and prefer to wait a while. This may be caused by problems with the reliability updates, as some fear that not enough stable versions can break the activities of their enterprises.

Исследование показывает, что мир ещё не готов проститься с Windows 7

In addition, 53% of respondents said that waiting for at least a month before installing updates to the operating system, despite the fact that they often include critical security fixes. Kollective believes that one of the consequences of the transition to the new approach of Windows.

“This new model “Windows as a service” creates new complexity for ITadministrators. Monthly updates with bug fixes usually do not exceed 1 GB; while coming out twice a year functional updates can reach the volume of 5 GB. Due to the increase in the frequency of the output and the size of the updates the it teams do not have much time for testing and deployment”,— reported in the survey.

Исследование показывает, что мир ещё не готов проститься с Windows 7

Microsoft will continue to offer paid specialized support to Windows 7 and after January 2020, although this option will become more and more expensive every year. The company will have to pay $50 per device Windows 7 in the first year after EOL, and in the second year the fee will rise to $100.

By the way, the U.S. Commission for assistance in the elections recently expressed concern due to the fact that the presidential elections in the United States in 2020 a majority of the PCs ballot will still be running Windows 7.

Beta Windows 10 has received the support of third-party voice assistants

This fall is expected to release Windows 10, 19H2, which will be quite a few innovations. However, one of them is very curious, because we are talking about using a third-party voice assistants on the lock screen of OS.

Бета Windows 10 получила поддержку сторонних голосовых помощников


This feature is already in build 18362.10005, which was released in the Slow Ring. It is noted that the list includes Alexa from Amazon and proprietary system Cortana. They can be activated without unlocking the system, including voice. This is clearly a continuation of the policy of deep integration in voice assistants.

In early 2019, the General Director of Microsoft Sathya Nadella (Satya Nadella) has recognized that Cortana can not compete directly with solutions such as Alexa or Google Assistant. Therefore, the Corporation decided not to fight but to unite.

The company also intends to make Cortana fully Autonomous decision, and is not tied to the operating system. Probably, therefore, in Redmond want to bring “Cortana” on mobile devices, as was done with “the office” and other corporate applications.

In addition, the new insider build, there are other innovations, but they are cosmetic. Overall, Windows 10, 19H2 not planned as a global update. In fact, it will be a patch with bug fixes and improve performance. New opportunities will be delayed until at least spring of next year. Probably, this practice will reduce the number of complaints of crashes and improve overall code quality.

Not “Start” single — Windows 10 (18947) revealed the new design of control Center

The participants of the early access program Windows Insider recently got their hands on the Windows 10 build Build 20H1 18947. This version is notable for the fact that is inner, that is not designed for testing third-party people. But this is only the beginning. It found completely redesigned “start menu”, and upgraded the control Center interface.

Не «Пуском» единым — в Windows 10 (18947) обнаружился новый дизайн Центра управления


Note that even in 2017, in his blog, Microsoft talked about the new control Center, which will provide instant access to system settings. And now, it looks like this is the first “swallow”. In the Assembly 18947 after some manipulation of the registry managed to access hidden features of the system.

Не «Пуском» единым — в Windows 10 (18947) обнаружился новый дизайн Центра управления


Once activated, the control Center changes, also changes and notifications. Quick action from the support Center move to an adjustable panel that when you drag up extends. The panel is on the right.

Не «Пуском» единым — в Windows 10 (18947) обнаружился новый дизайн Центра управления


This is now the icon of fast action does not work, and the whole system is still functioning correctly. Because it is difficult to tell whether this possibility of “remnants” of some old project or forging ahead. It is possible that in future test builds will appear after the new control Center.

Microsoft will allow you to remove Paint from Windows 10

The Paint has existed since the beginning of the OS family of Windows. But only in “seven” he learned to work with PNG and has an updated design. And recently it became known that the novelty would like to remove in favor of 3D Paint. The program itself should “move” in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft разрешит удалять Paint из Windows 10


And here’s the next step — the Corporation will soon make it possible to remove Paint from Windows 10. As noted, in the latest version of Windows Insider Build, released to insiders branches 20H1, Paint is no longer a system component, but merely additional. This may indicate the preparation for the transfer of a program store universal app.

It is obvious that such a possibility is still at an early stage of development as the attempt to remove Paint in an Assembly 18956 currently has no effect. Apparently, it is not a priority to be resolved in the course of development closer to the time of release of the spring update.

Note that in Windows 10 May 2019 Update program there, although originally it was planned to remove in the spring of this year. But in Redmond changed his mind, although he did not specify a reason. It should be noted that the application for several years does not develop. There are no new features, support for modern formats, layers, and so on. Although some innovations still promised.

However, in the asset at the Paint remained the main feature of almost instant start-up, which in some cases can be critical. Therefore it can be assumed that few users will take advantage of the Microsoft offer and refuse the application.