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Microsoft revealed the new tablet mode for Windows 10 20H1

Microsoft released a new build of a future version of Windows 10, which will be released in the spring of 2020. Windows 10 Insider program, 18970 includes many new features, but the most interesting is the new version of tablet mode for “ten”.

Microsoft показала новый планшетный режим для Windows 10 20H1


For the first time this mode has appeared in 2015, although it tried to do basic back in Windows 8/8.1. But then tablets were few, and desktops, he was obviously uncomfortable. But the problem was with the version for “ten”. In particular, full screen mode and the lack of a normal desktop has done its dirty work.

Available in the Assembly 18970 new tablet mode is no longer displayed on the full screen and allow you to interact with the underlying desktop. In this version there are new features:

  • Increased spacing between taskbar icons.
  • The search box on the taskbar, minimized in the icon.
  • “Explorer” is switched on version, adapted to the fingers.
  • The touch keyboard appears automatically when you tap on a text field (finally!).

This, of course, trifles, but we have to admit that the project is user-friendly Windows store apps failed. It is possible that this is another step towards the death of the classical menu “start”. Earlier we wrote about the updated version

However, according to Microsoft, the current version of the tablet mode will be used in the future. And the above modification will appear in the form of options.

Netmarketshare: market share of the Windows 10 has finally exceeded 50 %

The results of the next study Netmarketshare published data on the global distribution of desktop operating systems in August 2019. Presented data show that the products Microsoft is gradually increasing its share. The report shows that Windows 10 has managed to capture more than 50 % of the world market for the first time since launch. In addition, the browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge in the reporting period were able to achieve a small increase in market share.

Netmarketshare: рыночная доля Windows 10 наконец-то превысила 50 %

As for the Windows 10 operating system in the last month added about 2 % and the combined share of its market presence is 50,99 %. Followed by Windows 7, which has a stake of 30.44 %, and in third place with a score of 5.95 % located macOS. Despite the fact that the share of Windows 10 is gradually increasing, Microsoft still has to push more than 30 % of users to upgrade to the latest version of the software platform. One of the main arguments to do it faster is that Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020.

Netmarketshare: рыночная доля Windows 10 наконец-то превысила 50 %

According to published reports, last month slightly increased the proportion of Edge browser, while the level of presence on the global market, Google Chrome has dropped to the level 67,22 %. The second place remains behind the web browser Mozilla Firefox, which takes up 8.43 percent of the market. The share of Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge at the end of August is equal to 7.50 % and 6.34 %, respectively.

Despite the fact that last month was successful for Microsoft products, a significant portion of users continues to work on Windows 7, do not hurry to upgrade to Windows 10.

Released the first public version of PowerToys for Windows 10

Microsoft previously announced that the PowerToys set of utilities returns in Windows 10. For the first time this set appeared in the times of Windows XP. Now the developers have released two small programs for “ten”.

The first of them — manual Windows key, which is a program with dynamic shortcuts for each active window or application. When you click Windows it shows which actions can be performed using any combination of hotkeys.

The second number in the list is a window Manager FancyZones. In fact, it is similar to tile window managers on Linux. It allows a convenient way to place Windows on the screen and easily switch between them. Although, unfortunately, the application has some problems when working with multi-monitor configurations.

At the moment PowerToys available on GitHub. The apps are open source. The company said that they did not expect such a rapturous reception, as before. Therefore, according to the developers, many community members want to contribute to the development of a new version of PowerToys.

At the moment it is unknown what other utilities are expected to be in the list. But, it seems, there will be a lot. And the status of open programs will expand their list repeatedly.

test build of Windows 10 Cortana has made a separate application

The upgrade to Windows 10 20H1, which will release next spring, turn Cortana into a separate application in the operating system. This will allow you to update it through the Microsoft Store as any other app.

В тестовой сборке Windows 10 голосовой помощник Cortana сделали отдельным приложением


This feature is now available in Windows 10 build (18975) in the channel of the Fast Ring. As noted, the voice assistant window can be separated from the taskbar, to move across the screen in General to work as ordinary universal app. Supported resize, drag and drop, and similar standard features.

In addition, the promised support for the keyboard in the interface Cortana. This allows the digital assistant to Microsoft to remember the context of the message and provides a natural interaction with users. All this should, according to the developers, to expand the scope of the “Cortana”, to convince you to use it more often and longer to keep on your desktop.

В тестовой сборке Windows 10 голосовой помощник Cortana сделали отдельным приложением


In addition to the updated voice assistant in Windows 10 Build 18975 have the opportunity to rename the virtual desktops. Other improvements are aimed at correcting mistakes.

It should be noted that the spring Assembly is expected to appear “independent” of the Notebook, which also can be updated from the store. And there is added to the disc type in task Manager. But expected by many functions of the tabs in “Windows Explorer” is still there even in earlier builds. And third-party programs have long solved this problem, but the native version for some reason does not produce.

Windows 10 now shows charge smartphone and sinhroniziruete Wallpaper

Microsoft once again updated the application from Your Phone for Windows 10. Now the program shows the battery level of connected smartphone, as well as sinhroniziruete Wallpaper with your mobile device.

Windows 10 теперь показывает заряд смартфона и синхронизирует обои


About this on Twitter said the Manager of Microsoft Vishnu Nath (Vishnu Nath), which oversees the development of the application. This can be useful if connected to your PC therefore, several smartphones. It will allow you to identify at a glance.

Note that this feature and synchronizing Wallpaper appeared in Windows 8/8.1, but only for “connected” devices on a desktop OS. Now it became available for smartphones.

Apparently, the application is deployed in all countries, as users report that not all have this functionality. To set Your Phone for Windows 10 from the app store at the link.

It is important to note that it requires a smartphone with Android 7 or newer operating system version. Thus, the company from Redmond creates a joint with the Google alternative to Apple’s ecosystem. Because Apple gadgets are known to interact with each other directly, the same thing they try to do to Microsoft.

In General, this approach is justified, because it allows you to reply to messages and even make calls from PC via mobile without being distracted from work. To the extent practical and in demand is another question.

Windows 10 (1909) will be ready in October, but released in November

Microsoft is expected soon to release update of Windows 10 at number 1909. But, it seems, will have to be patient. The Windows 10 build 19H2 or 1909, as expected, was supposed to come out in October, but the situation seems to have changed.

Windows 10 (1909) будет готова в октябре, но выпущена в ноябре


The observer Zach Bowden (Zac Bowden) says that the finished version will be assembled and tested this month and release the update starts to spread in late October or November. Probably, it was affected by the abundance of failures and “glitches” in the latest patches.

Microsoft has not yet confirmed these dates, but clearly the deployment will not take much time. As expected, the official statement about the release date of Windows 10, 19H2 may appear within days.

Expected in Windows 10 (1909) would not be too many changes. For example, there will be the ability to use third-party voice assistants to create events directly on your taskbar, and also more easy to update system.

In addition, the claimed “acceleration” of the processor due to the use of “fast core” with the help of Intel Turbo Boost technology second and third versions. But this will only work on the new chips. The update will be distributed via the update Center as a regular security patch.

More global changes are promised in the Assembly, which will be released next spring.

new update Windows 10 (1903) solves the problem with the “Start” and not only

Microsoft has finally released a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version of 1903, which is the latest stable version of the “tens” at the moment. It goes under the number KB4522355 increases the build number of the OS to 18362.449 and brings a number of fixes.

Свежее обновление Windows 10 (1903) решает проблемы с «Пуском» и не только


Among those is the solution of problems with “start menu”, which began to fail after recent updates. In addition, Microsoft has also fixed bugs that occur when you sign in to Windows 10 and Windows problems Hello for Business in the corporate version of the OS. We are talking about a system of multivariate unlock, which worked correctly.

There are also fixes that are specifically designed for clients using DHCP on the devices. This applies to DHCP options LeaseTerminatesTime and LeaseObatinedTime.

While Microsoft claims that this cumulative update no problem, as it was previously. And it’s pretty amazing. Whether so it actually, we learn in the coming days. At the time of writing there is no information about failures, which appeared after installing KB4522355.

It is important to note that cumulative update need to check manually through the WSUS, and catalog update. Automatic validation will not show its presence. It is hoped that in Redmond has really changed the system of control over releases and now the error will be caught less frequently. However, it may be a simple exception to the rule.

new update 0.12 PowerToys for Windows 10 dark theme and a new tool

The first version of the PowerToys set has been submitted to Microsoft for Windows 95. It is possible to modify some aspects of the system, not getting deep into settings and registry. Then was presented a similar build for Windows XP. The third iteration is available for “ten”.

Вышло обновление PowerToys 0.12 для Windows 10: тёмная тема и новая утилита


The main difference is that the current version is open source, because you can get access to all the source code on GitHub. Note that in the first public version was two utilities: a guide to Windows keyboard shortcuts and window Manager FancyZones. Now add a third. And this is utility for batch renaming files.

The build is already available for download in the form of an msi package. Also in the new version number of 0.12 had a fashion for today dark color theme. Besides it is possible to put a light or system. In the latter case, PowerToys 0.12 to customize the appearance depending on the theme installed in the system.

At the moment, not yet reported, when will the final release, what features will appear in the Assembly whether there are tools that support a built in “top ten” Linux distribution, and so on. However, it is possible that the company will create high-quality and simple tool for easy customization of the system.

It would be nice if this build was reworked into portable to easily carry it instead of the installation package. Can be in Redmond and go, who knows. Download the new version at GitHub.

Windows Update 10 November 2019 comes out tomorrow

The promised November update Microsoft Windows 10 Update November 2019, also known as 1909 and 19H2, tentatively starts on Tuesday, November 12. This indicates the readiness of the ISO images in the Microsoft Developer Network.

Windows 10 November 2019 Update выходит уже завтра


Currently available only Assembly room 18363.449 available in the pre-test, but guarantee is to wait until the beginning of full deployment. It is expected to go through the update Center. However, the company officially has not yet confirmed the date, therefore expect a possible delay to the release.

If you installed the may patch, then installing a new version should not take more than 10 minutes. It is noted that this patch, in theory, nothing should break. But, as we know, the Corporation can incapacitate a lot.

It is noted that the latest drivers for the Intel video compatible with the future version of the OS that are already available on the official website of chip maker. You can download and install force. It is noted that branded computers HP, Lenovo, Dell and other drivers will have to install it manually.

Also note that the system requirements for Windows 10 Update November 2019 notes at least 32 GB of free disk space. Really need more to store intermediate files. If the C drive is not enough space to install the update will not work.

According to Microsoft, the updates for components requires at least 6 to 11 GB of free space, and system updates to 3 GB.

echoes of the past: Microsoft deploys the Assembly 15254.597 Windows 10 Mobile

Mobile operating system of Microsoft, despite a lot of attempts and efforts, the software giant has not received sufficiently widespread and surrendered under the pressure of open and free Android. No longer get new smartphones, there is no significant OS updates. But to the credit of Microsoft, it continues to support the rapidly dwindling fleet of devices based on the latest Windows 10 Mobile (however, it is only about a dozen models).

Эхо прошлого: Microsoft развёртывает сборку 15254.597 Windows 10 Mobile

The latest cumulative update Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile is an Assembly 15254.597, which is distributed among the users of Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update. The update doesn’t bring any new features. Users will receive a few fixes, some of which are aimed at solving security problems in Windows 10 Mobile.

Эхо прошлого: Microsoft развёртывает сборку 15254.597 Windows 10 Mobile

List of changes in the Assembly 15254.597 the following:

  • fixed an issue where a message Windows Defender Application Integrity Control Code was unreadable;
  • provides protection from the vulnerability caused by an error check machines with an Intel (CVE-2018-12207) — you can use the registry setting as described in Guidance KB (this option is disabled by default);
  • protected from the vulnerability of an asynchronous transaction was aborted, Intel Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel TSX) (CVE-2019-11135) — you can use the registry setting described in the article on Window Client (these options are enabled by default on Windows Client);
  • security update for Microsoft Scripting Engine, Internet Explorer, Windows App Platform and Framework Microsoft Graphics Component Windows Input and Composition, Edge, Microsoft, Windows Fundamentals, Windows, Cryptography, Windows Virtualization, Windows Linux, Windows, Kernel, Windows, Datacenter Networking, Peripherals and Windows Microsoft JET Database Engine.
Эхо прошлого: Microsoft развёртывает сборку 15254.597 Windows 10 Mobile

Rare today, the owners of smartphones based on Windows mobile 10 can install the update by going to settings the option to “Upgrade and security”. By the way, yesterday Microsoft started to deploy Windows 10 November 2019 Update — the next major update its desktop OS (mostly it is also focused on improving stability, performance and security, but brings a couple of useful innovations.

Meanwhile, recently, Microsoft co-founder bill gates (Bill gates) is very arrogant said that Windows Mobile could take the place of Android but he and the management team the software giant was too busy because of the antitrust enforcement authorities of the United States.