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Windows 10 learned to call from your smartphone

Microsoft continues to improve and develop the application from Your Phone to Windows 10. For the first time this program appeared in the may Assembly of the system, and in the summer it launched the option “mirroring” notifications Android on your PC. Now added support for phone calls and dialing.

ОС Windows 10 научилась звонить со смартфона


This capability is not yet available in the latest insider build “dozens”, but reportedly is already working well. It allows you to make calls to mobile numbers, using a combination of Windows 10 and smartphone with Android. After activating this functionality in the app appears Calls. Clicking on it will trigger a panel with virtual buttons for dialing and search for contacts.

ОС Windows 10 научилась звонить со смартфона


As expected, this feature will allow you to make and receive calls on the PC under control of “tens”. Of course, this will require a microphone and speakers. By the way, such system have been established long ago Dell. Its function Mobile Connect offers the same set of possibilities.

ОС Windows 10 научилась звонить со смартфона


In Redmond have not yet made an official announcement, but I guess this feature will appear in the release next spring. Thus, the Corporation copies of the best decisions of Apple and trying to create a bond between the most common desktop and mobile operating systems.

It is expected that this opportunity will allow corporate users to stay focused on the computer screen or laptop, to answer the call. In fact, it is the functional equivalent of a modern cross-platform messenger.

Recent update to Windows 10 May 2019 Update loads the CPU and makes the orange screenshots

Windows 10 upgrade May 2019 Update after the release did not cause any problems, as was the case with last year’s release. However, it seems the fate of the same company from Redmond. The recently released update KB4512941 proved to be very problematic for users.

Последнее обновление Windows 10 May 2019 Update загружает процессор и делает оранжевые скриншоты


First, it loaded the processor on the PC where you use Cortana, or rather, the process SearchUI.exe. One of the cores was fully occupied, leading to a drop in performance. And secondly, the novelty has led to a change in color in the screenshots. When you try to take a screenshot, it’d be orange or reddish, regardless of the program settings and methods. Many users complain about it, according to some particularly affected “illness” of the device Lenovo. Interestingly, the color change does not affect the cursor.

It is assumed that the culprit is the Lenovo Vantage or any specific drivers. However, the exact response from the software giant yet. Obviously, the company dealt with the problem and trying to reconstruct it.

Note that cumulative update Microsoft KB4512941 classified as “optional”, because it is quite possible to wait or uninstall manually if it is already installed. However, this update will solve some problems Windows Sandbox and Black Screen. But is it worth it to put up with the “color revolution” on the screen — everyone decides for himself.

The overall situation is typical Microsoft lack of testing is bearing fruit. Alas, the majority of users, the “tens” they act as beta testers, and even for their own money.

Update KB4515384 for Windows 10 the “broken” network, sound, USB, search, Microsoft Edge and “start menu”

It seems that autumn for developers, Windows 10 is a bad time. Otherwise difficult to explain the fact that almost a year ago in the Assembly of 1809 was shown a whole bunch of problems, and after the re-release. This incompatibility with old AMD graphics cards, and search problems in Windows Media, and even crashing in to iCloud. But it seems that the situation this year looks even more interesting.

Обновление KB4515384 для Windows 10 «сломало» сеть, звук, USB, поиск, Microsoft Edge и меню «Пуск»


A few days ago was released the cumulative update KB4515384. It fixed the orange color screenshots and excessive CPU usage due to voice assistant Cortana, but brought even more problems.

As it turned out, the update causes audio problems. If your computer has a sound card third-party manufacturers, there may be cases of reduced sound quality. To resolve the problem, it is recommended to change sound quality to 16 bit, and disable a virtual multichannel sound. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem but has not fixed it. Maybe it will happen before the end of the month. But that’s not all.

It turned out that KB4515384 also causing failures in the “start” menu and search system Windows 10. In Redmond already know about the problem, but comment on the subject yet. It is reported that “start” does not work, and the system reports a critical error. As Windows Search displays a blank screen for any search query. But it didn’t stop there.

In addition, KB4515384 “breaks” Ethernet adapters and Wi-Fi on some PC, and reinstalling drivers does not help. In this case, the cure can be only deletion of the update.

Oh, and for dessert — KB4515384 additionally increases the load on the CPU, sometimes not allows you to run the support Center and Microsoft classic Edge. And can cause the system to crash when working with external USB devices: mice, keyboards and other peripherals.

One gets the impression that this cumulative patch contains the maximum error or simply have not been tested and was immediately released to the release. It remains to wait release patch.

In Windows 10 users have the option to download the image from the cloud: a short manual

Microsoft about a month ago I released an update for Windows 10 Build to insiders 18970. The main new feature in this build is the ability to install the operating system from the cloud. But only recently the company has published additional information on the topic.

В Windows 10 появилась возможность скачать образ из облака: краткая инструкция

The Cloud Download function, as noted, allows you to load a fresh image directly from the server into Windows update, and then install it without the hassle of flash drives and discs. In fact, it is the development of the ideas contained in early versions of the system. Then these were implemented due to the recovery partition, or the “emergency” DVD that it was necessary to create during the installation. But cloud download, of course, easier.

To use this function, it is necessary to go to Settings –> Update and security –> Restore, then the system will start to boot the image from the Network. It is important to note that supported option a clean reinstall (removing the user files and applications), as well as recovery.

В Windows 10 появилась возможность скачать образ из облака: краткая инструкция

In addition, the feature is available in the recovery environment, so if the system is not loaded, it is possible to “roll back” and thus. At the moment this feature is available only to “insider” builds, in release it is not expected before next spring, when released 20H1.

В Windows 10 появилась возможность скачать образ из облака: краткая инструкция

Note that a similar possibility has already been in macOS. This allows to make the system as friendly to the user and speed up the recovery process boinovska “OSes”. However, the download speed depends on the bandwidth of the communication channel and the load on the servers. In addition, the downloading of an image can be expensive on a limited channels.

Now in Windows 10, you can call

Fresh insider build of Windows 10 has received the long-awaited feature. We are talking about a full-fledged support calls from your smartphone. The app allows Your Phone to make or answer calls with the PC, and on any Android smartphone and not only on Samsung devices.

Теперь в Windows 10 можно звонить по телефону

The computer communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth, and then you can start working. The call is made from Windows and is transmitted to a smartphone wirelessly. To call the contacts list or dial the number directly. There’s also support for SMS, voice mail, other standard features.

Of course, this is preliminary version of the system, because you need to be ready to various failures and problems. According to Microsoft, older versions of some anti-cheat games may cause failures in the Windows build. So if you want the presence of such systems, it is best to limit the use of fresh “tens”.

Note that the app is Your Phone supported on all smartphones running Android 7.0 or newer. Alas, the owners are relatively old solutions running mobile operating system Google remain out of work. However, this opportunity is made for business, because the orientation to the new OS is quite logical.

Note that this “bundle” is present in the Apple. But the company from Redmond is now planning to do the same in conglomeration with “Corporation of good”. Strange that this has not been done, when there was still work on Windows Mobile, where it looked much more logical.

the Pegasus Project can change the look of Windows 10

As you know, at the recent Surface event, Microsoft introduced a version of Windows 10 for a brand new category of computing devices. We are talking about dual-screen mobile devices that combine features of laptops and tablets.

Проект Pegasus может изменить внешний вид Windows 10


Thus, according to experts, the Windows operating system 10X (Windows Core OS) is not just for this category. The fact that Windows uses an adaptive 10X shell, codenamed Santorini, while it will be applied in different form factors.

It is reported that Microsoft is working on a new project under the code name Pegasus, which planned to add the Windows user interface 10X to traditional laptops and PCs. While almost no information about this, it is assumed that more about the project Pegasus will be known after release.

At the moment we can assume that it is an analogue graphical wrapper for the Linux distributions, “untethered” from the system. Will it look exactly as in the image above, it is not yet clear.

It should be noted that the project Pegasus will replace the current version of the Windows shell 10 and the new UI will receive a fresh device. It is expected that the more information users will receive after the first Insider Preview builds next year.

Become aware of the requirements for processors to install Windows 10 November 2019 Update

There is less time before the release of Windows update 10 November 2019 Update. And more data about the new product. Microsoft has updated their requirements for CPUs to reflect future changes. The page lists the chips that fully support Windows 10 version 1909.

Стали известны требования к процессорам для установки Windows 10 November 2019 Update


Strictly speaking, this list is no different from the version of the 1903, because the drastic changes there. The company said that the November update, Windows 10 supports Intel ninth-generation AMD seventh-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 and 8cx. Also supports older models, including the Intel Celeron and Pentium.

Other specifications, though not voiced, but clearly they will not change. It is noted that the installation of the updates will require at least 32 GB of disk space. For comparison, last year’s update was required twice less space.

It is important to note that, according to the developers, the November update will be available to the General public in the coming weeks, but the leak showed that it is already there, although not for all. Users with MSDN subscriptions can get the ISO images to upgrade. This build includes the latest version 18363.418. There is already consumer and business update. Everyone else will have to wait or to join the program Windows Insider.

And yet, Intel released a new version of its graphics driver for Windows DCH 10 number It has already added support for Windows 10 November 2019 Update. In fact, this is the only significant change in the driver.

Windows 7 notifies about the necessity to upgrade to Windows 10

As you know, after 14 January 2020 dropping support for Windows 7. The system was released on July 22, 2009, and at the moment her 10 years. However, its popularity is still high. According to Netmarketshare, “seven” is used on 28 percent of PCs. And because Windows 7 support ends in less than three months later, Microsoft began to send you offers updated. They come in a large number of users on a PC with licensed Windows 7 Professional.

Windows 7 выдаёт уведомление о необходимости обновления до Windows 10


The report said that the term of support expires. After it ends security updates or technical support for Windows 7 Microsoft to provide no more. Also it is recommended to create a backup, to ease the transition. However, this is only an informational notification which can be disabled. The corresponding option can be put at the bottom left.

At the moment there are two options: to upgrade to Windows 10 using the key for a free upgrade or put up with no patches. Given that many are still sitting on “seven” and don’t plan to change it to something new, the result is obvious. However, the same was with Windows XP.

Windows 7 выдаёт уведомление о необходимости обновления до Windows 10


At the moment it is known that after January 14, 2020 security updates will come to Windows 7 only as part of paid upgrades, and only for corporate use.

the Study showed the superiority of Google Assistant over the competitors

Voice assistants has firmly taken a place in our world. However, it is mostly Google, Apple, Yandex and Amazon. Other companies create their decision, but they clearly can’t compete with the “big four”.

Исследование показало превосходство Google Assistant над конкурентами


In turn, the company is actively promoting Microsoft’s assistant Cortana, which previously were only on PC and far behind others in reaching users. The company actively improves it and tries to empower assistant.

According to the latest research, Cortana in 2019 were able to answer more of your questions than Google Alexa and Assistant. And it was both accurate and inaccurate responses.

While Cortana lost a significant amount of accuracy of answers. At the moment the rating of voice assistants on this indicator leads the Google Assistant. In second place is the Alexa. While Siri has also decreased accuracy.

Overall, the situation looks traditional. After all, Google has set the fashion to voice assistants, therefore it is logical that in mountain view to create the most advanced AI for this.

Although, I must say, all the voice assistants are still suffering from “childhood diseases” in the form of recognition errors and accuracy of answers. And they do not know how to properly filter external noise as words. In General, there is room to grow.

Coming improvements to Windows Explorer in Windows 10

In the last few years, Microsoft has paid little attention to the Conductor. Of significant changes over the past decade can be called unless the ribbon interface, dark theme and the promised improved search in Windows 10, 2019 November Update. But, reportedly, that will soon change.

Грядёт улучшение Проводника в Windows 10


In a future version of Windows 10X will appear “Modern Explorer”, which will be more appropriate for the actual OS. It is unclear whether he created from scratch in Redmond or simply modify an existing solution. In any case, this will be the application designed for touch screens. That is, with larger elements and other aspects.

We can assume that this version will have the long-awaited tabs, which so far implemented only third-party applications. It is possible appearance and two panels. In any case, the “Conductor” has long been in need of updating.

In addition to the new Explorer, Microsoft is also preparing a significant improvement for quick settings, which are currently in the action Center of Windows 10. They will allow you to intuitively control the system and quickly access the main settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen brightness, turn on airplane mode and so on.

We will remind that earlier it was reported about a possible imminent appearance of Windows 10X on laptops. However, the exact dates yet, but probably it will happen immediately after release.