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Google Play changes the way you evaluate apps

Even today, app developers will be able to view an average of ratings based on the latest user ratings, rather than on the app’s history.

Two years ago, Apple changed the way app ratings worked in its store, allowing developers to decide whether their ratings could be reset or not with their latest update – a feature that Apple suggested to the developers of use sparingly. Today, Google has also announced that it is changing the operation of app evaluations on Play Store, but instead of giving developers the opportunity to choose when to restore classifications, it will begin to analyze app evaluations to favor those of the most recent versions.

“We think it is more important to give visibility to the evaluations of the latest versions of the app, rather than the older ones,” explained Milena Nikolic, Google Play Console engineer, at the Google I / O developer conference.

Nikolic has explained that soon an average appraisal calculated for the app will be loaded on all the applications present on Google Play . Instead of a cumulative evaluation of the entire history of the app, an average will be calculated to give more weight to the most recent evaluations provided by users.

With this update, users will be able to see, at a glance, the current status of the app, which means that any corrections and changes that have made it a better experience over the years will be taken into account at time to determine the assessment . “It will best reflect the hard work and improvements of the developers,” said Nikolic.

The downside, however, is that once high-quality apps don’t release new updates or bug fixes, they will only show ratings that reflect a current state of decline.

It is not clear how much this change will impact the Google Play Store SEO, where app search results are returned today based on a combination of factors, including app names, descriptions, keywords, downloads, reviews and assessments.

The update of app ratings was one of several changes to Google Play announced today, along with the public launch of dynamic release features, new APIs, updated Google Play Console data, custom lists and even “suggested answers” like those of Gmail, but to respond to reviews from Play Store users.

End users of Google Play Store will not see the new rating recalculated until August, but developers can preview their new vote as early as today in their Play Store console.