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Google Travel simplifies travel planning

Google Travel, the novelty of Google to organize a trip to the best and with the right tools.

Google has announced an important innovation in its planning tools for travel on the web.
Following the launch of a series of similar mobile tools last year, the company announced the day that Google Travel will allow you to move more easily between flight searches, hotels, packages and have a complete view of the trips made previously.

This will at least group all of Google’s travel services under one roof, which actually took much longer than expected given the prospects at the time of Google’s purchase of ITA 9 years ago.

Google Trips is essentially the page of the site that will gather reservations and information about upcoming destinations. The service will then report the travel info in Google Search and Maps and Google will then use the confirmation e-mails and booking receipts to recreate the history of your trip.

Since both web and mobile versions are now available in parallel, planning a trip is even easier on any device.

It will not yet be possible to make reservations directly through Google’s systems, in fact Google will automatically redirect to airline or hotel reservation systems to complete the operations.

Today, search engines for flights and hotels are always the same, despite Google’s proof of offering the possibility to buy flight + hotel packages directly on its channels, but this operation has gone quietly. “Our goal is to simplify planning operations, helping users to quickly find the most useful information and have a continuity between the devices used so that they do not have to repeat operations unnecessarily. We will continue to plan and organize trips more easily with the help of Google Maps, Google Search and Google Travel, so you can more easily enjoy the beauty of a trip.

Unfortunately, Google has not yet transferred Inbox’s Trip Bundles to Gmail, despite the promise to do so before Inbox closes.
For now, the new Google Travel site, in any case, seems to be a pretty good alternative.