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In the “Explorer” can still receive tabs

One of the most anticipated features in Windows 10 is support for tabs in “Windows Explorer”. And now, after many years of ignoring requests from users, Microsoft seems to have decided to add this capability to the operating system.

В «Проводнике» всё же могут появиться вкладки


However, as reported, it will not just tabs in the browser. This whole set (Sets) of features, which will add support for tabs in all applications in Windows. In other words, it should change the interface itself is “tens”.

Initially this capability was available in the test versions for insiders, but then the company decided to temporarily cancel the function, citing the need to continue to work “behind closed doors”. According to Redmond, this will improve the functionality of the tabs.

Since then, information about it was very little, however, now there is information that the company plans to return this feature. Principal policy Manager Console Windows rich Turner (Rich Turner), answering a question about the tabs in Twitter, said that this feature has an important place in the list of planned tasks. That is, tabs or sets may get the “green light” in a future version of Windows 10, although under a different approach.

That is, for the most part, assumptions. One thing is for sure — in the may build of Windows 10 tabs will not be exact. It is assumed that if the company is still working in this direction, the function can appear in any of the assemblies 20H1, although the existing images this functionality is also missing.