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Microsoft abandons Internet Explorer in Windows 10

As you know, now Microsoft is developing a browser Chromium-based Edge, trying to offer users and companies numerous tools, including the compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. It is expected, will help corporate users to use existing and outdated services in the new browser.

Microsoft не отказывается от Internet Explorer в Windows 10


However, the developers from Redmond are not going to completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10. This applies to all OS editions from home to enterprise. Moreover, old browsers will be supported as before. We are talking about IE11.

The reason is simple. Internet Explorer in almost all versions of Windows, and many government agencies, banks and so on continue to use programs and services, written strictly for him. Interestingly, Internet Explorer is more popular than the old version of the Microsoft Edge (which is on the engine EdgeHTML), and most of its users are still “sitting” on Windows 7. All the others chose more modern alternative in the form of Chrome, Firefox and so on.

Overall, Microsoft is doing what she usually has done well. And it pulls in a whole heap of future compatibility for their and not only their products. Though where it would be logical to release a standalone version of the same Internet Explorer, so that it can be installed on any PC regardless of OS. However, this will likely never happen.