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openSUSE-Leap-15-1 is available for subsystem WSL in Windows 10

Developers at Microsoft have continued to improve the Linux subsystem in Windows 10, as well as expand the list of operating systems available for it. There is Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, Fedora, and now add the Assembly openSUSE-Leap-15-1.

openSUSE-Leap-15-1 доступна для подсистемы WSL в Windows 10


In the latest update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update subsystem WSL provides reportedly twice higher speed under load. In particular, we are talking about running Docker containers. Download openSUSE-Leap-15-1 in the Microsoft Store.

We will remind that earlier the Linux subsystem is a kind of “Wine Vice versa.” That is, it had an emulator to run Linux binaries (ELF) in the environment of operating system Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. Now we are talking about full-fledged Linux kernel, a “wrapper” which acts as a “ten”. All this helped to speed up operations. In addition, we note that the company promises not to close the Linux kernel and share best practices with the community.

It is important to note that it is not limited only to the operating system. The company has announced an entirely new development environment .NET 5 with support for macOS, Linux and Android. We are talking about a full-scale expansion of the company from Redmond on alternative operating systems.

With the same purpose, the company transferred the Microsoft Edge on the Chromium code base, which will allow without any extra costs to run it on other operating systems.