Update Windows 10, 1903 — dozen key innovations

The last update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update (it’s 1903 or 19H1) is already available for installation on your PC. After a long testing period, Microsoft began deploying builds via Windows update. The last update caused big problems, so this time of major innovations not so much. However, there are new features, minor changes and lots of fixes. Touch dozen the most interesting for users.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

New light theme

The biggest visual change in Windows 10, 1903 — new light theme, which will be the standard for ordinary consumer systems. If previously, even in the light theme on the menu was dark, but now it has become more uniform (however, the usual mode with bright Windows and dark panelling system remains). Dark mode Windows 10 is still not in the OS always looks good because of the abundance of third party apps don’t support it. Light same looks, as a rule, more coherent and natural. Microsoft has also changed the standard Wallpaper in Windows 10 so that they are better combined with a new light theme. Also sometimes the added items are Fluent Design: transparent panel, start menu, notification center, shadows and the like.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Built-in virtual machine Windows 10

In the may update of Windows 10 received a new feature in Windows Sandbox. Company with its help wants to free users from the fear of starting the unknown .exe on the computer. She has developed a simple way for all users of Windows 10, which allows you to run applications in an isolated environment. Windows Sandbox essentially acts as a temporary virtual machine isolation of a specific program.

The method was developed with a focus on safety, so that after closing the application under test, all the data in the sandbox will be deleted. You do not need to configure a separate virtual machine, as do most experienced users but PC must support virtualization in the BIOS. Microsoft is making the Sandbox part of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Enterprise — like features do more for business and advanced users, not everyone. In addition to her standard in the system no need to install the control panel in the selection of operating system components.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

You can remove even more built-in apps

Gradually Microsoft gives users Windows 10 the ability to remove more and more shareware apps that are part of the operating system. In 1903 the update, you can now disable apps like Groove Music, Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV, Calculator, Paint, 3D and 3D Viewer. Still not the usual way to remove apps like Camera or Edge, but with the transition of Microsoft’s browser on the Chromium technology, it is likely to be able to remove and Edge.

Cortanaand the Search is now divided

Not all are fans of the digital assistant Cortana in Windows 10 and the latest update from Microsoft will be pleased with such. Microsoft divides the search function and Cortana in the taskbar of Windows 10, which allows you to handle voice requests separately from the input in the search box to find documents and files. Windows 10 will now use built-in OS search for text requests, and Cortana for voice.

By the way, the new search interface displays popular apps, latest actions and files, as well as options to filter for applications, documents, email and web results. In General, the search has not changed, but now it is possible to implement all the files on your PC. This is the direction the company will probably further improve in future updates, providing users with more powerful search tools.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Less congested start menu

In the latest update for Windows 10 the start menu has become less loaded. Microsoft has reduced the number fixed by the standard of applications and has changed the principle of their grouping. The result of all the garbage that is usually attached by default grouped into one section, which can be quickly undocked. This new menu will only see the new Windows 10 users — the rest of the changes will not notice.

New brightness slider

Among the small changes that we should mention, of course, there are new brightness slider. It is available in the notification center and allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness. The tool replaces the tiles, which let you switch between preset brightness levels. You can now quickly and easily expose, for example, 33% brightness.

Kaomoji _

Microsoft has simplified the sending Japanese text emoticons kaomoji _(ツ)_/ with Windows PC 10 friends or colleagues. The company added in the may update of the test characters kaomoji available through the call of the panel of emoticons (“win” + “.” or “win” + “;”). The user can choose several ready-kaomoji or build your own using the appropriate symbols available there. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Desktop application in Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has improved the platform support mixed reality Mixed Reality VR Windows in the renovation of the 1903. If the earlier headset was limited to a run of games Steam VR and Windows store apps, now you can run desktop apps (Win32), including Spotify, Visual Studio Code and even Photoshop right within a mixed reality. Function is available on the contacts bar, where now there is a folder Classic Apps (beta) which allows you to select an installed desktop software. This is perfect for those who wanted not only to play but to work in virtual reality.

Windows update allows you to postpone the installation for a week

Microsoft finally listened to users of Windows 10, and gave more control over installing updates. Now all the users of the system can delay updates for a week, and Microsoft even allowed to choose when to install the latest major version. Windows 10 users will be able to stay on the existing version and continue to receive monthly security updates, avoiding the last of the functional assemblies. This is an important change, especially for users of Windows 10 Home and that major updates are not always stable enough. Microsoft has also changed the principle of distribution space under Windows updates. Some patches could not be installed when there is insufficient free space, so Microsoft now reserves about 7 GB of disk space for the update Center.

Windows 10 supports sign-in to your Microsoft account without password

With the trend to move away from traditional passwords Microsoft offers the use of password-less accounts. With the latest update of 1903, you can configure and log into the OS on Windows 10 PC using only phone number to your Microsoft account. You can create an account without a password by simply entering the phone number as username and mobile number will be sent the code to initialize the login. After logging in Windows 10 you can use Windows Hello or PIN to login to your PC without using the normal password.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Update Windows 10 May 2019 Update blocked to some PC

A few days ago it was reported that Microsoft has begun rolling out Windows 10 May 2019 Update on all PCs in the world. Although a full cycle takes time, it is already known that the updates have problems. If users attempt to install the update 1903 on the device with incompatible drivers and software, there is a possibility that the update will not be displayed, and the upgrade Advisor will generate a warning.

Обновление Windows 10 May 2019 Update заблокировано для некоторых ПК


At the moment we know that the problem can be caused by certain versions of the Intel drivers, outdated anticheaters software and so on. Microsoft already confirmed the problem, but so far only blocked the ability to update. The fix is in the development stage.

While the timing of the release of the patch has not reported. Given that the problem is common, it can be expected the advent of the hotfix. However, specific information so far we know only about blocking updates from the company from Redmond.

Обновление Windows 10 May 2019 Update заблокировано для некоторых ПК


It is noted that the problem can manifest itself not only in the case of downloading files via the “update Center”. Utility Media Creation Tool could also block the update, if the system is running an incompatible driver or service. As an alternative solution it is proposed to wait for the patch or do a clean install rather than an upgrade.

That is the only issue with Windows 10 May 2019 Update. It is not excluded that in the future the problem will appear in other areas, however it is only version. Recall that earlier we wrote about the ten major innovations in the latest operating system upgrade.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update may not install on some PCs with AMD processors

Despite the fact that upgrading to Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903) was tested longer than usual, the new update has problems. Earlier it was reported that the update blocked to some PC with an incompatible Intel drivers. Now it is reported about the same problem for devices based on chips AMD. The problem for AMD RAID. If the installation wizard detects incompatible drivers, it will warn about it.

Windows 10 May 2019 Update может не установиться на некоторые ПК с процессорами AMD


Driver is installed that causes stability problems in Windows. This driver will be disabled. Check that the vendor of the software/drivers are updated versions that work on this version of Windows” — it is told in the error message.

As noted, a problem for PC’s with AMD processors or AMD Ryzen Ryzen Threadripper with certain versions of the AMD RAID drivers. Specifically, the incompatibility is observed at the younger version In Microsoft added that and later drivers do not cause this problem, because the computer is able to upgrade to Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Also AMD said that the may update introduces new requirements for the management of I/o devices for certain categories of drivers. Because if the problem occurs on PCs with AMD processors, it is recommended to check the version of the driver AMD RAID and disable all USB drives.

Apparently, this problem occurs only when upgrading from an older version. Clean install, in theory, will be established.

openSUSE-Leap-15-1 is available for subsystem WSL in Windows 10

Developers at Microsoft have continued to improve the Linux subsystem in Windows 10, as well as expand the list of operating systems available for it. There is Ubuntu, SUSE Linux, Fedora, and now add the Assembly openSUSE-Leap-15-1.

openSUSE-Leap-15-1 доступна для подсистемы WSL в Windows 10


In the latest update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update subsystem WSL provides reportedly twice higher speed under load. In particular, we are talking about running Docker containers. Download openSUSE-Leap-15-1 in the Microsoft Store.

We will remind that earlier the Linux subsystem is a kind of “Wine Vice versa.” That is, it had an emulator to run Linux binaries (ELF) in the environment of operating system Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. Now we are talking about full-fledged Linux kernel, a “wrapper” which acts as a “ten”. All this helped to speed up operations. In addition, we note that the company promises not to close the Linux kernel and share best practices with the community.

It is important to note that it is not limited only to the operating system. The company has announced an entirely new development environment .NET 5 with support for macOS, Linux and Android. We are talking about a full-scale expansion of the company from Redmond on alternative operating systems.

With the same purpose, the company transferred the Microsoft Edge on the Chromium code base, which will allow without any extra costs to run it on other operating systems.

Microsoft said goodbye with a forced password change in Windows 10

In may, Microsoft removed from Windows 10 technology, which force the user to think of new passwords after a certain time. Finally it ended! In Redmond have changed the formal requirements for security in response to evidence that this approach does not improve but rather weakens the protection.

Microsoft попрощалась с принудительной сменой паролей в Windows 10


In Windows 10 (1903) and the server version of the “dozens” now you can put one password and not to count the days until its replacement. As noted in the material of the publication TechCrunch, regular change of passwords is counterproductive. This is confirmed in the software giant.

The point is that if the password is stolen, then this scheme makes it impossible to change it immediately — need to wait for the end of the term. If it is not stolen — there is no need to be replaced. Alternatively, it is proposed a multi-factor authentication, tracking attacks on internal resources, and biometrics. Regular change of password is simply outdated and irrelevant method of protection. It is also recommended to use password managers like LastPass or 1Password, the transfer code via SMS.

In Microsoft say that the ideal protection does not exist (if no PC is turned off, unplugged and in the safe), but an adequate level of protection to ensure easy. You only need to follow simple rules.

Note that the company from Redmond for a long time, “clung” for regularly changing passwords, especially because of the ironic look, her appeals to stop the use of this technology. Though it really is outdated.

a Beta version of the new Xbox app for Windows 10 already you can download it

A week ago, Microsoft renamed the old Xbox app in the Xbox Console in order to “clear the way” new Xbox app for Windows 10. Now, the Network has high-quality screenshots of the new items.

Бета-версию нового приложения Xbox для Windows 10 уже можно скачать


Like most cross-platform programs Microsoft, this is based on the Electron, but has a different design with a translucent effect and rounded corners. New app shows game trailers and videos, screenshots, system requirements, ratings and game reviews. You can also see additional content and suggestions of similar games that are popular with other users.

Бета-версию нового приложения Xbox для Windows 10 уже можно скачать


Installed games you can manage in the left pane. By default, the most recent are at the top, although the order can change. There is also a visible process of downloading the game and installed, you can run with one click.

Бета-версию нового приложения Xbox для Windows 10 уже можно скачать


The Xbox app supports cross-platform chat and voice messages between the PC, Xbox One and mobile devices in the mode of one-on-one and in groups. During conversations, you can play, the application works well with Xbox Game Bar, so the social network will not interrupt the process. As stated, the program only works on the latest version of Windows 10 (1903).

Бета-версию нового приложения Xbox для Windows 10 уже можно скачать


Бета-версию нового приложения Xbox для Windows 10 уже можно скачать


Beta Xbox for Windows 10 can be downloaded in the official app store. Note that the program has an age rating of 18+.

Apple and Microsoft have created a new application iCloud for Windows

Apple and Microsoft have teamed up to create a interface iCloud Drive, which should solve some compatibility problems. The new iCloud app is intended for users Windows 10 has been added to the Microsoft Store. It is reported that the application will use the same technology that was involved in ON Microsoft OneDrive. Thus, we see a rare case of cooperation of two largest competitors. Using the new app will allow to access from PC or smartphone to photos, videos, email and other files stored within your iCloud account.

Apple и Microsoft создали новое приложение iCloud для Windows

Most likely, every user who tried to interact with the old iCloud app will confirm that it was not too comfortable. Last fall was not the app version iCloud to support installation on Windows 10 with the latest updates. Even after Apple released the iCloud app compatible with Windows 10 PC users continued to face slow speed sync and other problems.

A new application for Windows can be considered a major event, because Apple products are compatible with the operating system of Microsoft, almost none. In the application settings the user can specify what data should be stored locally and which need to move to the cloud. Located in iCloud documents are displayed in the standard Windows Explorer, even if they are not downloaded to the local PC. Supports joint work with the files, using which the synchronization of the changes between all your devices.

Microsoft abandons Internet Explorer in Windows 10

As you know, now Microsoft is developing a browser Chromium-based Edge, trying to offer users and companies numerous tools, including the compatibility mode of Internet Explorer. It is expected, will help corporate users to use existing and outdated services in the new browser.

Microsoft не отказывается от Internet Explorer в Windows 10


However, the developers from Redmond are not going to completely remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10. This applies to all OS editions from home to enterprise. Moreover, old browsers will be supported as before. We are talking about IE11.

The reason is simple. Internet Explorer in almost all versions of Windows, and many government agencies, banks and so on continue to use programs and services, written strictly for him. Interestingly, Internet Explorer is more popular than the old version of the Microsoft Edge (which is on the engine EdgeHTML), and most of its users are still “sitting” on Windows 7. All the others chose more modern alternative in the form of Chrome, Firefox and so on.

Overall, Microsoft is doing what she usually has done well. And it pulls in a whole heap of future compatibility for their and not only their products. Though where it would be logical to release a standalone version of the same Internet Explorer, so that it can be installed on any PC regardless of OS. However, this will likely never happen.

the new generation of Microsoft Surface devices can register AMD and Qualcomm

In the beginning of his career, a tablet device, Microsoft Surface has already tried to use ARM-compatible processors in combination with Windows operating systems, and that long experience had not been very successful because of the dampness of a software ecosystem. Now Windows 10 is much better ready to work with ARM-compatible processors, and a resource Petri reports that Microsoft in the new generation of Surface Pro devices plans to replace Intel Core processors eighth-generation ARM-compatible processor, developed by Qualcomm.

В новом поколении устройств Microsoft Surface могут прописаться процессоры AMD и Qualcomm

Image source: Microsoft

The uniqueness of the situation is that Qualcomm needs to design a special processor for the Surface Pro, given all the requirements Microsoft. A new device of this family will use Windows 10 operating system, and the commitment from Qualcomm should help Microsoft avoid the failures that plagued Windows mobile devices based on ARM-compatible processors.

In addition, the range of processors that can be found in laptops Microsoft Surface the next generation also will expand. In addition to Intel, the Corporation is ready to offer 12-nm hybrid processors AMD Ryzen generation Picasso, which combine the computational core architecture Zen+ and graphics Vega series. Official details about the new products can be announced in October this year.

Microsoft brings virtual assistant Cortana into a separate app in the Windows Store

Reportedly network sources, virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana will be completely separated from Windows 10 and will turn in a separate application. Currently the beta version of Cortana appeared in the app store Windows store, where it can download all comers.

Microsoft переносит виртуального помощника Cortana в отдельное приложение в Windows Store

This suggests that in the future Microsoft will update the voice assistant separate from the software platform. This approach will help Cortana to get new features faster. However, earlier, the virtual assistant Microsoft was positioned as a web service, so the updates could be delivered without making any changes to the Windows kernel 10. In addition, a separate app will give users more control, and if necessary it can be removed from your device.

It should be noted that the separation of the voice assistant from the operating system began earlier, when Cortana was removed from Windows search 10. Earlier it was reported that the team plans to integrate new features that will make it the voice assistant is more natural. Due to this, the user dialogues with Cortana will be more like communicating with a real person.

Despite the fact that Cortana was introduced as a virtual assistant in the operating system, and later he began to work on different platforms, including iOS, intelligent speakers and other electronic devices. The allocation of Cortana in a standalone application can be one of the ways to promote the virtual assistant.