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Paint will not be removed from Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Recently on some PCs with Windows 10 began to appear that the Paint will soon be removed from the operating system. But it seems that the situation has changed. Brandon LeBlanc (Brandon LeBlanc), senior Manager of the program Windows Insider, Microsoft confirmed that the app will be included in the update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Paint не будут убирать из Windows 10 May 2019 Update


He did not specify, what is this “change of course”. It is important to note that Paint is considered to be in Redmond obsolete, that is, its development is no longer involved. Perhaps in the future it will remove, especially because Microsoft was planning to remove it from “tens” to allow you to install from the Microsoft Store as desired. Instead of Paint I planned to use Paint 3D, which was going to transfer the main features of the program.

Anyway, at the moment in Windows 10, there are two apps for drawing. This is another example of the fact that Microsoft refuses ambitious plans to upgrade Windows in favor of stability. In the same may update although will be expedited start, and also held other jobs, but radical changes are not planned.

This causes some to wonder, does Microsoft continue to reduce investment in its operating system. This approach on the one hand improve the work “ten” on current devices, and on the other, complicate support for future form factors such as PCs with foldable screens. Overall, it is too early to draw conclusions on this matter. It is important that at the moment the company doesn’t Paint that many people like for its simplicity and speed.