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Ten little-known but useful features of Windows 10

For those who have forgotten, recall that with the release of Windows 10 in 2015 Microsoft has revised its policy on the release of service packs for its flagship platform and began to distribute them twice a year — in spring and autumn. This work eventually led to the fact that to keep track of all innovations and innovations are rapidly developing “dozens” had become quite problematic, especially ordinary townsfolk, sometimes overlook really interesting capabilities of your computer. To help these users — our selection of the little-known but useful features of Windows 10.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

⇡#1. Sandbox: safe run application

The last update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update (it’s 1903 or 19H1) brought the operating system a new feature sandbox (“Sandbox”) that allows to safely run apps of dubious origin in a chrooted environment.

Sandbox is available in Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise and is a virtual machine with a lightweight copy of the “tens”. Program functioning inside it, in no way can affect the host operating system. Such a “sandbox” can be useful for secure running of untrusted files, or potentially malicious apps — they are automatically deleted along with the virtual machine when closing the sandbox.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Windows Sandbox uses the Hyper-V hypervisor and container technology

By default, the Sandbox feature is disabled in the system. For its activation is necessary through the control panel, go to “Windows Components”, put a check in the “Sandbox” Windows, wait for the installation of the required system files and to reboot the OS.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Feature Windows Sandbox requires that the PC processor supported hardware virtualization technology

For configuration management of a protected environment (enable/disable virtualization of the GPU, network support, shared folders with the host system, run scripts), you can use a configuration file with the extension .wsb. About the peculiarities of working with them can be found on this page of the technical community Microsoft.

⇡#2. Windows Subsystem for Linux: working with custom Linux environment

An interesting feature of the latest version of Windows 10 is the ability to run desktop binary executable files and bash scripts on Linux without the use of virtualized environments. It is implemented using a special layer of Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) in the OS kernel features the Linux system calls to Windows calls.

To use a custom Linux environment, must be in the “Windows Components” to activate the corresponding menu item, wait for the installation of the system files and restarted the OS.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Subsystem WSL is available only on 64-bit editions of Windows 10

After the computer restarts you will need through the store application Microsoft Store to deploy a suitable Linux environment. At the moment to install build Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Debian, SUSE Linux and many other popular in the Open Source environment distributions, which provide not only the ability to run Linux programs, but also access many additional features, including a huge repository is ready and tested. All this makes WSL the ideal tool for IT administrators of multi-platform systems, programmers, web developers and those who works on or with the application open source or just interested in platforms based on Linux.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

In the Microsoft Store, you can choose a Linux distro for every taste and color

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Midnight Commander running in a Linux environment to Windows 10. Yes, this is it

⇡#3. Nearby Sharing: quick sharing of data between devices

Thanks implemented in Windows 10 features Nearby Sharing is easy and just a couple of mouse clicks to share the files and other data between physically closer devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Nearby function is activated in the Sharing settings of Windows 10 and significantly simplifies file transfer between devices

Scheme function Nearby Sharing simple: select the require shipment files in the context menu click on the “Share” button and specify the target device, the owner of which will receive a notification that a nearby computer trying to share something with him. In the case of a positive answer, the data will appear on the PC of the recipient.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

To use sharing with nearby devices on both machines (sender and receiver) must be supported by Bluetooth and to be installed Windows version 10 1803 or later

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

To enable/disable Sharing Nearby you can also use the notification bar in Windows 10

⇡#4. Logging clipboard

The evolution of Windows 10 has brought major changes in such a well-known tool, like a clipboard: now you can save all copied into temporary storage locations in the data, but also to sync them with other computers, including mobile devices. To work with the updated clipboard provided by the key combination “Win+V” allows you to view the saved data in the form of a small card in the window of the same application.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

The clipboard history Windows 10 lets you pin frequently used items and delete obsolete data

Adjusted the clipboard in the OS settings (in the “System”). Here you can turn off logging in the temporary storage to clear its contents and activate cloud sync between devices. The sync feature is tied to your Microsoft account, so you need to use the same login credentials on all devices.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Cloud clipboard for Windows 10 enables you to “share” the data across multiple devices. For example, you can copy text on one and paste on another

⇡#5. Dynamic Lock: automatically lock PC in the absence of the user

Operating system, Windows 10 can automatically lock the computer when the user is in the workplace. This opportunity provides a function called Dynamic Lock. To determine the location of the owner of the PC, it uses connected Bluetooth gadget, be it smartphone, smart watch or fitness bracelet. As the mobile device leaves the Bluetooth range, the OS automatically closes the access to the computer to unauthorized persons. it’s simply brilliant! Of course, include the Dynamic Lock to the category of robust security is impossible, however, for forgetful users dynamic lock can be a good help in protecting your PC. We recommend not to put this feature without attention.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

The function “smart” lock will be useful for forgetful users

⇡#6. Quick access to system utilities and settings of the OS

Very few beginners know that for ease of administration of computer developers “tens” duplicated part of the controls in a separate menu, which is invoked by right clicking the mouse on the button start and it looks this way:

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Quick access to system utilities and settings in Windows 10

This menu supersedes all necessary to configure the PC Arsenal: the system Manager application devices, management tools, disk partitions, network connections, and power supply, console Windows, and also other useful utilities that can be useful for performing various administrative tasks, from configuring the OS to troubleshoot it problems.

⇡#7. Mobile hotspot: use computer as wireless access point Wi-Fi

In Windows 10, you can use almost any laptop running the “tens” as a wireless access point Wi-Fi and organized in such a way collective Internet access for multiple devices.

To solve this problem follows the OS settings to enable the “Mobile hotspot” and allow sharing network connections with other devices. In order to save time, the system automatically sets the appropriate wireless network name and access password, which optionally can be changed. It is possible to connect up to 8 devices. It is also possible to use for transmission of traffic not only wifi but also Bluetooth.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Windows 10 adds a useful tool “Mobile hotspot” that allows you to share an Internet connection with a PC through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

⇡#8. Monitoring network traffic

Another useful feature of Windows 10, about which not all know, — possibility of control of consumed traffic without using third-party tools. To enable the traffic meter need in settings network connections right-click the mouse on the tab “data Usage” and select “pin to start screen”.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Windows 10 allows you to monitor data usage

As a result, in the “start menu” will appear live tile with information about the network appetites of the operating system and is installed on the computer, which in turn can help to avoid the financial costs during the use of Internet tariffs with limited traffic.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Click on the tile with the flow of traffic allows you to quickly switch to network settings OS

⇡#9. Ransomware protection: virus protection-cryptographers

Built-in mechanisms of Windows 10, you can build a reliable shield against malicious ransomware blocking access and demanding payment of a certain sum for the return of access to valuable information. We are talking about the function of Ransomware protection, which provides protection of user photos, job documents and other files from unauthorized modifications. If activated, the file subsystem “tens” will track treatment programs to selected directories and prevent attempts of third-party applications to make their contents any changes. In the settings of controlled access folders you can not only specify a protected directory, but to define a list of trusted software.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

Settings controlled access to folders

⇡#10. Captures: video recording screen

Well and completes our overview of the function Captures, providing the ability to record video from the screen (in the old days, had to resort to third party software solutions and even pay for their use of money). To configure it you need to log in menu “Games → Clips”. Here you can specify the location for storing video files, the maximum duration of clips created, enable record audio and cursor, set the frequency of video frames and to play with the other settings. After completion of the settings will remain the key combination “Win+G” to open the game pad Xbox Game Bar and start the process of screen video recording. As you can see, nothing complicated about it.

Десять малоизвестных, но полезных функций Windows 10

The video capture feature from the screen Captures designed to record gaming, but with the same success can be used for normal applications

As a final touch, note that the performance listed in the note functions is guaranteed only in the latest builds the “tens” (in this case, used Windows 10 May 2019 Update) and provided that the hardware your PC meets the necessary technical requirements. In case of any questions — write in comments to article. And of course, are welcome additions to the review. Share your interesting findings in Windows 10 with readers 3DNews!