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test build of Windows 10 refused passwords

Microsoft wants users to abandon passwords on PCs running Windows 10. Previously, the Corporation refused a forced password change for corporate PCs, and now have released a test-build of “ten”, which you can enable passwordless login to Microsoft accounts.

В тестовой сборке Windows 10 отказались от паролей


As a replacement technology offers facial recognition Windows Hello, scan a fingerprint or PIN. Of course, in all cases except the last, will require additional hardware devices, such as camera or fingerprint scanner.

The reason for this approach is actually quite logical. Users are too lazy to remember different passwords, because use the same on different services, PC and so on. But this is a serious effort on security systems. And even two-factor authentication methods don’t always help.

In Microsoft claim that the PIN-code system Windows Hello much safer than a password, even if it seems that it is not. The point is that the code is stored on the device and not transmitted online, which drastically reduces the possibility of data interception.

Among other methods the company offers two-factor authentication, like SMS, Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello or even physical security keys standard FIDO2. That is, in the future passwords can really disappear as a class of phenomena.

Currently, Microsoft plans to allow users to completely remove the password option from the login screen in Windows 10. This applies also to business users via Azure Active Directory, enabling companies to do without a password using only the keys of the security applications for authentication or Windows Hello. This feature is expected to appear next spring, when will the release build.