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the Paint will get new features

In 2017, Microsoft will end the development of the graphic editor Paint. After that, the program is simply transferred from version to version without changing the essence or adding anything new. Then came the information that the application will move to the Windows Store, and recently it became known that the program will not be removed from Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

Paint получит новые функции

Now, it seems, the intention of the company changed even more. The program does not just leave, and yet are reported to improve. In the Windows blog, Brandon LeBlanc (Brandon LeBlanc) said that MSPaint is popular with many due to the simplicity and speed. According to him, in the may update there will be new opportunities for the program.

As you know, Paint has been working with a mouse and a graphics tablet, now appear and keyboard support. Also, the developers have improved the interaction of the editor with Windows Narrator and other applications of its kind to screen readers. Will there be features of the program expanded in the future is not yet clear. At the moment we know that the program will “understand” the arrow buttons, the Space bar, Shift, Ctrl, Tab and Esc. Moreover, some images can be drawn using only the keyboard. An example is given below.

Paint получит новые функции

Moreover, we note that in recent builds of Windows 10 available program Paint 3D, but it has not gained popularity. It seems that Redmond has finally started to change strategy, not only to impose user new opportunities, but also to listen to them. It is hoped that in the future this approach will only expand.