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Update Windows 10, 1903 — dozen key innovations

The last update of Windows 10 May 2019 Update (it’s 1903 or 19H1) is already available for installation on your PC. After a long testing period, Microsoft began deploying builds via Windows update. The last update caused big problems, so this time of major innovations not so much. However, there are new features, minor changes and lots of fixes. Touch dozen the most interesting for users.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

New light theme

The biggest visual change in Windows 10, 1903 — new light theme, which will be the standard for ordinary consumer systems. If previously, even in the light theme on the menu was dark, but now it has become more uniform (however, the usual mode with bright Windows and dark panelling system remains). Dark mode Windows 10 is still not in the OS always looks good because of the abundance of third party apps don’t support it. Light same looks, as a rule, more coherent and natural. Microsoft has also changed the standard Wallpaper in Windows 10 so that they are better combined with a new light theme. Also sometimes the added items are Fluent Design: transparent panel, start menu, notification center, shadows and the like.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Built-in virtual machine Windows 10

In the may update of Windows 10 received a new feature in Windows Sandbox. Company with its help wants to free users from the fear of starting the unknown .exe on the computer. She has developed a simple way for all users of Windows 10, which allows you to run applications in an isolated environment. Windows Sandbox essentially acts as a temporary virtual machine isolation of a specific program.

The method was developed with a focus on safety, so that after closing the application under test, all the data in the sandbox will be deleted. You do not need to configure a separate virtual machine, as do most experienced users but PC must support virtualization in the BIOS. Microsoft is making the Sandbox part of Windows 10 or Windows 10 Pro Enterprise — like features do more for business and advanced users, not everyone. In addition to her standard in the system no need to install the control panel in the selection of operating system components.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

You can remove even more built-in apps

Gradually Microsoft gives users Windows 10 the ability to remove more and more shareware apps that are part of the operating system. In 1903 the update, you can now disable apps like Groove Music, Mail, Calendar, Movies & TV, Calculator, Paint, 3D and 3D Viewer. Still not the usual way to remove apps like Camera or Edge, but with the transition of Microsoft’s browser on the Chromium technology, it is likely to be able to remove and Edge.

Cortanaand the Search is now divided

Not all are fans of the digital assistant Cortana in Windows 10 and the latest update from Microsoft will be pleased with such. Microsoft divides the search function and Cortana in the taskbar of Windows 10, which allows you to handle voice requests separately from the input in the search box to find documents and files. Windows 10 will now use built-in OS search for text requests, and Cortana for voice.

By the way, the new search interface displays popular apps, latest actions and files, as well as options to filter for applications, documents, email and web results. In General, the search has not changed, but now it is possible to implement all the files on your PC. This is the direction the company will probably further improve in future updates, providing users with more powerful search tools.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Less congested start menu

In the latest update for Windows 10 the start menu has become less loaded. Microsoft has reduced the number fixed by the standard of applications and has changed the principle of their grouping. The result of all the garbage that is usually attached by default grouped into one section, which can be quickly undocked. This new menu will only see the new Windows 10 users — the rest of the changes will not notice.

New brightness slider

Among the small changes that we should mention, of course, there are new brightness slider. It is available in the notification center and allows you to quickly adjust the screen brightness. The tool replaces the tiles, which let you switch between preset brightness levels. You can now quickly and easily expose, for example, 33% brightness.

Kaomoji _

Microsoft has simplified the sending Japanese text emoticons kaomoji _(ツ)_/ with Windows PC 10 friends or colleagues. The company added in the may update of the test characters kaomoji available through the call of the panel of emoticons (“win” + “.” or “win” + “;”). The user can choose several ready-kaomoji or build your own using the appropriate symbols available there. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств

Desktop application in Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has improved the platform support mixed reality Mixed Reality VR Windows in the renovation of the 1903. If the earlier headset was limited to a run of games Steam VR and Windows store apps, now you can run desktop apps (Win32), including Spotify, Visual Studio Code and even Photoshop right within a mixed reality. Function is available on the contacts bar, where now there is a folder Classic Apps (beta) which allows you to select an installed desktop software. This is perfect for those who wanted not only to play but to work in virtual reality.

Windows update allows you to postpone the installation for a week

Microsoft finally listened to users of Windows 10, and gave more control over installing updates. Now all the users of the system can delay updates for a week, and Microsoft even allowed to choose when to install the latest major version. Windows 10 users will be able to stay on the existing version and continue to receive monthly security updates, avoiding the last of the functional assemblies. This is an important change, especially for users of Windows 10 Home and that major updates are not always stable enough. Microsoft has also changed the principle of distribution space under Windows updates. Some patches could not be installed when there is insufficient free space, so Microsoft now reserves about 7 GB of disk space for the update Center.

Windows 10 supports sign-in to your Microsoft account without password

With the trend to move away from traditional passwords Microsoft offers the use of password-less accounts. With the latest update of 1903, you can configure and log into the OS on Windows 10 PC using only phone number to your Microsoft account. You can create an account without a password by simply entering the phone number as username and mobile number will be sent the code to initialize the login. After logging in Windows 10 you can use Windows Hello or PIN to login to your PC without using the normal password.

Обновление Windows 10 1903 — десятка ключевых новшеств