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Windows 10 will get an embedded Linux kernel from Microsoft

Over the years, Microsoft made several of its own projects on Linux. There was Linux-based OS for network switches in data centers and OS based on the Linux for microcontrollers designed for embedded security, Azure Sphere. And now it became known about another project on Linux, which for some time worked specialists Microsoft.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

The first day of the Build developer conference 2019 software giant announced the creation of its own version of the Linux kernel, which will be part of Windows 10. The first test build for the participants of the Insider program will be launched at the end of June. This core will provide a basis for the architecture of Microsoft Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) 2. As noted by the representatives of Microsoft in his blog, this is the first case where the full Linux kernel will be built-in component of Windows.

Recall: WSL 1 was a compatibility layer, essentially an emulator to run Linux binaries (ELF) in the environment of operating system Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. This, for example, has allowed in recent years to migrate to Windows Bash shell, add support for OpenSSH in Windows 10, and include Ubuntu, SUSE Linux and Fedora in the app store Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

When the full core open OS in WSL 2 will improve the work, significantly improve the performance of Linux applications under Windows, to speed up the boot time, optimize memory usage, speed up I / o file system and launch Docker containers directly and not through a virtual machine.

The real performance gain will depend on what kind of app is it and how it interacts with the file system. An internal Microsoft’s tests show that WSL 2 works 20 times faster compared to the WSL 1, when unpacking the tarball archives and about 2-5 times faster if you use git clone, npm install and cmake in different projects.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

The core of Microsoft Linux will initially be based on the latest long term stable version is 4.19, which is applied by the company and the technologies involved cloud services Azure. According to official representatives of Microsoft, the core will be completely open: that is, all changes made to Microsoft will be provided to the community of Linux developers. The company also promises that with the release of the next long term stable kernel version will be updated and the version of the WSL 2, so that developers always have access to the latest innovations Linux.

Windows 10 получит встроенное ядро ​​Linux от Microsoft

WSL 2 still will not include any binary files in user space, as in the case with the current version of WSL 1. Users will still be able to choose what Linux distribution is more suitable to them, loading it via both the Microsoft Store and from other sources.

At the same time, Microsoft introduced a powerful new command-line application for Windows 10 is called Windows Terminal. It includes tabs, shortcuts, text emoticons, supports themes, extensions, and text rendering based on GPU. The application is designed to access these environments like PowerShell, Cmd, and WSL. This is another step by Microsoft, designed to simplify the interaction of developers with Windows 10. Preview Windows Terminal already available in a repository on GitHub, and the emergence of the Microsoft Store promised in mid-June.