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Windows 10 you can now reinstall from the cloud. But with reservations

It seems that soon shall fade technology Windows recovery 10 with physical media. Anyway, there is hope. In the Assembly Windows 10 Insider Build 18970 added the ability to reinstall the OS over the Network from the cloud.

Windows 10 теперь можно переустановить из облака. Но с оговорками


This feature is called Reset this PC, and the description States that some users prefer to use a broadband connection to the Internet than to write the image to a flash drive (which requires at least one PC).

While functionally this is similar to restore the OS to original state. During the installation a warning is displayed about deleting all user applications and (optionally) data. It can also be a problem on slow or limited channels because you download you need at least 2,86 GB for the installation files.

As noted, when you reinstall the OS this way will be downloaded the same version that is on the computer. While this option is available only through Insider program, 18970, in the release it will be, obviously, not earlier than spring of next year.

In this case we recall that the cloud reinstallation is not the only innovation of the Assembly 18970. It also showed the updated tablet mode, which is different from the existing one. And even though it is available as an option and not default, some advantages in it.

For example, in this on-screen keyboard starts when you tap on the text field, and the distance between the icons in the task bar became more. Finally, the opportunity not to deploy the tablet mode to full screen, i.e. the desktop is available.